Homeschool Division

The Home School Division of Emmanuel Christian School exists to assist and encourage parents who desire to formally educate their children at home.

Objectives: To assist and encourage parents who desire to carry out their God-given duty and privilege of molding and nurturing their children’s spiritual, emotional and physical well-being as well as their formal, academic training to provide accountability (monthly remeetings with the master teacher) and credibility (students are considered as students of Emmanuel).

The ECS Homeschool Division provides:

  1. Educational resources and opportunities
  2. A school cumulative folder for each home schooler
  3. Oversight services of a Christian certified teacher
  4. Standardized testing to monitor academic progress
  5. A smooth transition into the classroom setting should the parent decide that is best for the future
  6. Social interaction on a limited basis by offering field trips, physical education and music classes, and other extra-curricular activities as classroom space is available
  7. Some limited classroom experience (Students enrolled in grades 7-12 can take classes resulting in no more than 2½ academic credits per academic year. Elementary students may take music, computer, and/or physical education.) An additional fee per academic credit will be charged.
  8. Encouragement and support to the home school families.

These additional benefits are available to ECS Homeschool Division families:

  1. Those in the ECS Home School Division are welcome to attend school field trips and class parties as room permits.
  2. Home schoolers may have their pictures taken at the same time as classroom students are scheduled.
  3. Seniors are welcomed to go on the “Senior Trip” providing they have met the qualifications set by the Senior Class Advisor.
  4. Seniors may also participate in graduation ceremonies.
  5. Home schoolers are invited to participate in special school programs such as the elementary program.
  6. Students can also participate in sports.

Would your family like to be part of the homeschool program at ECS? Contact the Homeschool Coordinator, Rachel Thurlow.

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