International Students

ECS is privileged to have a number of foreign exchange students. These students from abroad find a friendly atmosphere at ECS and add to a broader education for our American students. ECS is approved by ICE to issue an I-20 for international students that meet the school’s guidelines for admissions. The school has had students from South Korea, Kenya, Vietnam, China and Taiwan. ECS also helps match students with host families. For more information contact the international student coordinator.

Three Enrollment Options

Emmanuel Christian School accepts students from countries all over the world. It is our desire to provide strong academic training with a positive social and cultural experience within a Christian setting that exalts Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior of the world. ECS offers three enrollment options for International Students.

Emmanuel Christian School is a SEVP-Certified School enabling us to issue an I-20 form in your name. Completion of the I-20 form is one step in the process when applying for a J-1 or F-1 visa.

J-1 visa – One Year Enrollment
J-1 students enroll and attend ECS for one year and then return to their home to complete their high school education. In most cases, these students are juniors or sophomores.  J-1 students are hosted by ECS and local-Christian families and they will be fully integrated into the ECS community.

F-1 visa – Multiple Years Enrollment
These students typically enroll at ECS during 9th or 10th grade and graduate from ECS. Sometimes students enroll while they are in middle school (6-8th grades).  I-20 students are hosted by ECS and local-Christian families and they will be fully integrated into the ECS community.

Why consider Emmanuel Christian School?

  • We issue an I-20 form, required by the State Department, to international students.
  • We help international students improve their use of the English language.
  • We allow international students to earn an accredited high school diploma.
  • We are accredited by the State of Ohio, AdvancEd and the Association of Christian Schools International
    We guide international students toward top American colleges and universities.

Short Term Program (STP) – Visit for a Few Weeks
This program allows International Students the opportunity to participate in an American Christian school for a few weeks. This is primarily a cultural experience rather than an educational experience. Though students attend all classes while at ECS, the emphasis is on observation and participation in social activities. Tuition costs will be pro-rated on a 9 month basis.
All International Students follow Emmanuel’s application and enrollment process as best as possible.
All three enrollment options are contingent upon ECS acquiring qualified host families.

Expenses 2016-2017 School Year

ECS Tuition and Application Fee $14.568
Room & Board ($900/month for 10 months) $ 9,000
Total $23,568