“In Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Colossians 2:3).

With this Biblical principle in view, Emmanuel Christian strives to help students mature spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally.   Students are taught to think Biblically about all areas of life.

Our curriculum is integrated with Biblically-based principles and illustrations. Teachers model a daily, consistent walk with Christ. All have a Bachelor’s degree and are licensed to teach.  Many have completed graduate work as well.  Our teachers are actively involved in Christian service in their local churches and our community.

Middle School

The middle school years are filled with changes and challenges. We emphasize the acquisition of study skills, organizational habits, and responsibility for one’s school work and behavior in order to prepare students for their future years of education.  We are thankful that we can guide our students through these years with the truth and principles from God’s Word.

Our middle school faculty is dedicated to helping each student reach their potential for Christ. An important part of our
middle school curriculum is Outdoor Science Camp offered during the sixth grade year. Students study andSecondary_2 learn from God’s creation and also develop strong friendships with classmates. During the eighth and ninth grade years, they take a bus trip to visit Washington, D.C. and other historical sites such as Gettysburg and Mt. Vernon. Students will learn about our nation’s Godly heritage and develop a stronger patriotism and appreciation for our country.

In addition to the core content areas (math, science, language arts, social studies, Bible), middle school students also participate in a rotating class schedule of art, Latin, living skills, and technology.  Within the music department they have the option of band, choir, or general music.

High School

EC is the place to be!  Our students shout this cheer during athletic competitions, and we firmly believe it. The first and most important reason why your teen should attend our school relates to the “Christian” in our name.  A distinctive education in available at EC because our primary goal is to cultivate in young people a Biblical worldview and the ability to think Biblically.  This goal is reflected in daily school life from classroom instruction to athletics and chapel to student government.  Our total program is designed to prepare students to make biblically-based decisions in all areas of life.  We recognize that educating the total person includes rigorous academics and purposeful extracurricular activities.  At EC, everything we do is intentionally geared to give young people a strong understanding of God’s Word and equip them for life and godliness.

We have a well-rounded program that offers strong academics and a variety of extracurricular activities.  Emmanuel has a chapter of the National Honor Society for students in grades 11 and 12.  Our student council is very active in planning regular activities and class competitions.  KOA Day, the Pigskin Classic, turkey bowling, and a “snock” fight are eagerly anticipated breaks fr
om the classroom routine.

EC offers three seasons of sports which include cross country, golf, volleyball, soccer, basketball, cheer, softball, baseball and track.  Each team is coached by godly adults whose first goal is to mentor student athletes in their walk with Christ.  Games and practices include devotions and prayer.  Teammates learn to lead on the field and treat one another with respect and kindness.  Our sports’ venues are well-maintained and include two gymnasiums, a soccer field, a baseball field, a softball field, and practice areas for track and field events.

In our MS/HS building, classrooms are all equipped with Smartboards.  We have a ratio of one computer or laptop for every two students.  Three laptop carts allow teachers to include technology in lesson plans.  Students benefit from an up-to-date lab where experiments can be conducted for all branches of science.  We also have a home economics classroom with three kitchens.  Students have weekly cooking labs along with lessons in personal finance and independent living.  Our fine arts department offers band, choir, and yearbook as electives.

Chapel is held weekly.  A student praise band and student worship team leads the student body in singing.  Chapel speakers, who are local pastors, missionaries, and alumni, present relevant sermons that challenge students to live godly lives and make Biblical choices.  By the end of the senior year, a student will also have completed thirty-six hours of required community service.

All high school students at Emmanuel pursue a College Prep Diploma.  Many exceed the basic requirements in course disciplines by taking honors classes (Omnibus) or Advanced Placement courses. A student that comes to EC as a freshmen will need to earn a minimum of twenty-five credits in order to fulfill graduation requirements.

We would love to welcome your family into the EC family.

Mr. Warren Aldrich
MS/HS Principal
Lead Administrator


The following 25 credits are required for graduation:

  • English | 4 Credits
  • Science | 3 Credits
  • Technology | 1 Credit
  • Health | 1/2 Credit
  • Bible | 4 Credits
  • Mathematics | 3 Credits
  • Social Sciences | 3 Credits
  • Fine Arts | 1 Credits
  • Physical Education | 1/2 Credits
  • Foreign Language | 1 Credit
  • Home Arts | 1/2 Credit
  • Electives | 3 1/2 Credits

The following electives are currently offered:

  • Accounting 1
  • Art
  • Creative writing
  • Computer 2 & 3
  • Speech
  • Independent studies
  • Library aide
  • Office aide
  • Teacher aide
  • Yearbook

Additional options available to students are:

  • Band
  • Choir
  • Alpha Omega on-line courses
  • AP English
  • AP Spanish
  • Math essentials
  • AP Calculus
  • AP US history
  • Anatomy/physiology
  • Physics
  • Post-secondary classes

Advanced Secondary

High School AP Courses
Emmanuel offers students challenging educational opportunities. Advanced Placement classes contribute to our academic rigor. AP courses are challenging, college level courses that conclude with an AP exam. A high AP score allows a student to receive college credit.
Honors Program

Emmanuel Christian School is pleased have an honors program using the Omnibus Curriculum for a select group of ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade students. It was the desire of the school administration to develop an intense program for advanced students to fortify their understanding and learning of history, theology, and literature. Mr. Josh Wilson is teaching this class. Students follow a block schedule with Omnibus being taught for three straight periods. The students will follow the usual curriculum of math, science, and fine arts electives during the rest of the school day.

Omnibus is a Latin term meaning “all encompassing.” It combines the study of world history, literature, and theology giving students an appreciation for the unity of all materials and knowledge taught from a biblical worldview. Students will study the great works of literature and philosophy from the beginning of time to the fall of the Roman Empire. They will read from the Codes of Hammurabi and Moses, Gilgamesh, The Odyssey, Plutarch, The Aeneid, Julius Caesar, Herodutus, and Socrates, to name a few works and authors. It is the goal for students to improve their understanding and thinking and to develop skills in writing, logic, and aesthetics. Students will also study the Bible. It is a rigorous curriculum which demands a lot of reading.

The Omnibus Curriculum was started by Douglas Wilson who was convinced that history should be taught chronologically, integrated with biblically recorded events. The program uses the best books available on topics along with teaching materials. It was the opinion of the founder that the American education system is in shambles with too many discordant voices making demands upon school learning. To repair the ruins of the once great educational heritage, will also require committed parents, first and foremost. It is the parents who have the responsibility for the education his or her child. In Ancient Rome, failing to responsibly educate the child was a serious crime. Today many feel it is the role of the government or school to educate the child.

Many may feel that the readings are too demanding or advanced for high school students. However, years ago students studied at these levels. With history as a teacher, the pace is neither new nor too demanding. When children are challenged and succeed, they are blessed and joyful. It is the desire of the curriculum to arouse a passion for learning within each student.

When the Professor in C.S. Lewis’s well-loved book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is asked to help the children navigate a difficult problem, he exclaims, “Logic! Why don’t they teach logic at these schools?” The old Professor would be delighted with what is being taught at Emmanuel Christian Schools. The school has invested significant effort and funds to implement this curriculum. It is the expectation that these students will show improved scores on their ACT’s and be better citizens who are able to lead and navigate as they further their education in college and life.

College Credit Plus

ECS utilizes College Credit Plus through the state of Ohio to provide high school students with opportunity to enroll in college courses while still in high school.  To learn more about the program, click the logo above.  View the Cedarville PPT Presentation (PDF format) of participating through their program in association with College Credit Plus.

Basic Criteria and Regulations:

  1. If attending and not doing an online class, students must provide their own transportation.
  2. Permission must be received in this order: high school, parents and college/university.
  3. See Guidance Counselor for additional information.
  4. Students must meet these levels to qualify:

University of Toledo Requirements:

  • 25 on the ACT or rank in top 3rd of class
  • 3.2 GPA (seniors); 3.4 GPA (juniors); 3.5 GPA (9th & 10th )
  • 3.0 GPA in the subject area taken
  • 9th & 10th limited to one 3 hour course per semester
  • 11th & 12th passed all 5 OGT tests
  • (similar requirements for other colleges)

For more information on UT’s program, click here.

Emmanuel Christian Regulations:

  1. Students cannot take any courses that are required at ECHS.
  2. Students cannot take courses that conflict with any ECHS class scheduling.


Dual Enrollment Courses – Cedarville University

A number of college level online courses are available to students through Cedarville University. Credits for successfully completing these courses can be transferred to most Universities. The student will also receive high school credit for completing a course. See the guidance director for additional information.

Other online courses could be considered:

Credit flexibility program is in place at Emmanuel. A student can develop a course of study in a subject of their interest. If approved, the student will complete the outlined course and earn credit. See the guidance department for details.

Secondary Events