Why Emmanuel Christian School

Committed to Biblical Values!

In keeping with its commitment to biblical principles, ECS is designed to reinforce the family, the God-given basic unit of society. Children belong to parents first and foremost, and it is the intention of this school to serve those families which are committed to a Christ-centered education. ECS has the biblical and constitutional right to determine its curriculum and emphasis without interference from the state. Therefore, the basic objectives are as follows.

To provide Christ-centered education:

It is our firm belief that the Word of God is the sole and final authority of truth. Our school provides a distinct Christian atmosphere and includes classes in biblical studies as a regular part of its curriculum. Our instructors integrate a biblical worldview and the Word of God in all phases of curricular and extracurricular activities.

To excel in academic standards:

The educational program of ECS is built upon fundamental, academic skills that equip students to reach their fullest potential for the glory of God.

To impart high spiritual and moral standards:

An internal biblical code of behavior is developed not only through a designed curriculum, chapels, and acceptable behavioral standards, but also through the lifestyle of the teacher who serves as a model. It is understood that placing one’s faith in the Lord Jesus for eternal salvation, freeing them from the bondage of sin, is foundational to being conformed to His image.

To develop the whole person:

Besides the usual school emphasis on the mental, emotional, social, and physical functions of the student, Emmanuel recognizes and attempts to develop the spiritual aspects by encouraging daily fellowship with God through prayer, devotions, and Bible memorization.

To encourage patriotism:

Students are taught to appreciate the principles of liberty and free enterprise upon which our nation was founded and to respect its Constitution, flag, and heritage.