Reasons to Choose a Christian School

The unique value of a Biblically based, Christ centered education provides a unique value in today’s world. More and more parents are looking to Christian education to support the values they have in their home. Here are some other important things they can offer:

Deeper Understanding of Life

A Christian school founded on biblical principles is one that guides students to find real true meaning and purpose of their life in Christ Jesus. A biblical approach to education will help them develop critical thinking skills and understanding how to defend their faith in a caring and compassionate way.   ECS is a place where Bible is more than just a religion class or chapel once a week. It provides students with a service learning opportunity to demonstrate how they value their community. Scripture teaches to “love your neighbor.” (Galatians 5:14) Aligned with our faith-based curriculum, we teach students the importance of giving back to the community from kindergarten through grade 12 as a demonstration of Christ’s love for each of us through community service opportunities.

Positive Educational Atmosphere

Our world is certainly a challenging place and a biblically sound education provides the environment where students find a secure and supportive atmosphere to learn and grow. ECS is a place where teachers focus on the whole child; spiritual, cognitive, social, emotional and physical. These five areas are shaped by the clearly biblical worldview emphasized in each of our classrooms as well as supporting co-curricular areas like music, drama and sports.   Teachers at Emmanuel Christian School have the opportunity to know their students well. They often invest in students outside the classroom serving as coaches and mentors. Students seek advice from their teachers, who can be their life mentors. This greatly helps students form bonds with positive role models who can influence, support, and encourage them.

Better Character Development

Families will find a program at ECS that supports their efforts to build into the character of their students, which includes their moral and ethical values, intellect, and talents. They aim to cultivate well-rounded individuals in a warm and loving way.   ECS believes each student is uniquely designed with God-given gifts and talents to be discovered and honed. ECS is a training ground to help students learn to utilize these gifts for Kingdom work here on earth. These can take the form of writing get well cards to hospital patients, serving at the local food bank, organizing a fundraiser for a local charity or a host of other outreaches that utilize each students talent and leadership ability.

Giving your child a Christian-based education can help them grow and appreciate their faith. If you want to know more about how a school with biblically-based foundation can make your child the best that they can be, contact Emmanuel Christian School today!