Cell Phone Use


I wanted to send this correspondence home to let you know what I shared with the students today after chapel.  Dr. Rickett gave a great message from Mark 14:3-9 about the woman who anointed Jesus with expensive perfume just before his crucifixion.  His 3 points were…

  1. Don’t listen to the crowd (world).
  2. Don’t be afraid to follow (Jesus).
  3. Don’t hold anything back (from obeying God and his Word).

It was a great message that I was able to tie into an issue that we have here at school.  That issue is the use of cell phones at school.  Over the last several weeks as I have had the opportunity to meet with students it has become increasingly apparent that students are using cell phones during the day, without permission, in class, and in many places at our school.  The phones have been used to text, snap chat, post on Instagram, and other social media platforms.  The school handbook says the following about cell phone use.

“Students are permitted to have personal cell phones…which they may use before and after school, however these devices are to be turned off during school hours.  If a cell phone is seen or heard during school hours, it will be taken from the student and given to the principal.  A parent would then need to pick up the device from the administration.”

Cell phone use seems to be most rampant when students ask to go to the restroom, their lockers, or the library.  We have asked the students to leave their phones with the teacher while they are out of class on their hall passes so that there will be no temptation to use their phones.

I would ask for your assistance in helping us with the issue of cell phone use at school in the following way…

  1. Speak with your child about this correspondence and proper use of the cell phone.
  2. If you need to get in touch with your children for any reason, please contact the office and go through our office staff.  This will eliminate the reason that many students feel the need to “check their phone” during the day.
  3. Pray for us as we strive to “disciple” your students for the Glory of God.

In the Service of Christ,

Dave Regnier

Assistant Administrator

Development/Church Relations

Emmanuel Christian School

Toledo, OH

(419) 885-3558 (School)

(419) 262-4608 (Cell)