Music Booster present Hot lunches!

Monday:          Marco's Pizza

Tuesday:         Panda Express

Wednesday:   Chick Fil A

Thursday:       Pollyeyes

Friday:            Marco's Pizza 

NEW FOR 2020-21!

Ordering will now be done on your FACTS Family Portal.

  • Ordering and paying for hot lunch will be every 2 weeks instead of a whole month at a time!!

  • Please be aware of our absence policy (see on back), so that you can receive credit for missed meals.

  • We now offer hot lunch 5 days a week! We are doing DOUBLE Marcos day and we have added a new vendor, Pollyeyes. All meals will include two sides and a Capri Sun. Single items are also available.

  • A big “thank you” to the parents who have volunteered! There are MANY new spots still open, see the details on the back of the newsletter for details on how to sign up. 

Ordering Directions:

1. Go To factsmgt.com to access your Family Portal- Click Parent login and enter your username and password. (please bookmark this page) The district code is ecs-oh.

2. After logging into Family Portal, click Student.

3. Click Lunch. The Lunch calendar displays and you can choose your calendar format (day, week, month) on the upper right.

4. Click Create Web Order to create a lunch order for your student. The Lunch Order Form displays, listing each student in the family.

5. Click the student name for which you wish to place an order.The Lunch Order Form expands listing each date an order may be placed.

6. Click the date to place an order. The Lunch Item list expands.

7. Type the number of items to order for the student in the Quantity column. The Total column displays the cost.

8. Click Submit Order. Thecharges will now display for the student on their Family Portal to be paid on the Financial screen.

9. Click Confirm and Pay. You must finish this step to complete the process.

ABSENCE Policy: Credit will be given on days cancelled during inclement weather or government mandated school closures. If your student misses school on a day you ordered lunch YOU MUST NOTIFY Mrs. Sampson BEFORE 9AM TO RECEIVE CREDIT. You can do this at msampson@ecstoledo.org Allow 2 -3 days after the absence for the credit to appear in your FACTS account.

ALLERGIES: For those concerned with peanut allergies, visit http://inside.chick-fil-a.com/peanut-oil/.


All payments are made through your FACTS SIS Family Portal Financial account when the order is placed. Remember that you must order separately for each student under your Family Portal. Also, if you do not click Submit Order and Confirm and Pay your student will not receive their hot lunch items.

SNACK SHOP: We have a variety of lunch and snack items available each day. Prices vary from $.25 to $1.50. Grade appropriate lists are available and you can have your student bring an envelope to their teacher at the start of the school day with a list of items they would like to purchase and exact change for those items. We will deliver those items to your student at the beginning of their lunch period. Make sure the items are printed neatly and your student’s name is on the envelope. Middle School and High School students will have a limited snack cart available to purchase last minute items during their lunch period but we ask each family to use the envelope system whenever possible.

VOLUNTEERS: We’re excited to offer this Hot Lunch and Snack Shop program for our ECS families. This program is supported solely by volunteers. The volunteer time is 10:45 to 1:15. We need many helpers to service our new lunch delivery program. Do you know a grandparent, family member, or a friend who would be willing to help? Please contact Mrs. Michelle Sampson at msampson@ecstoledo.org. All volunteers will receive a lunch item and bottled water on the day they serve. Check to see if you might be eligible for tuition reimbursement for your volunteer service hours.