ECs Independent Study Program

Philosophy and Mission:

The Independent Study Program at Emmanuel Christian School was establish in order to assist, support, and encourage parents who desire to formally educate their children at home.

To provide accountability and credibility

  • Parents meet with the ECS Independent Study Program coordinator on a monthly basis, giving each parent timely assistance and encouragement.
  • ECS Independent Study Program students are enrolled as students of Emmanuel Christian School.

To provide educational resources and opportunities

All elementary ISP students are welcome to participate in any of our offered specials classes at no additional cost. Examples include, Music, PE, Art, Computers and Library. They are also welcome to participate in our Little Warriors Sports Programs, field trips and class parties.

All 6th -12th grade ISP students are welcome to participate in Music and PE at no additional cost. They can also participate in musicals, field trips, retreats, and other events and activities. 6th-12th graders can enroll in up to 2 academic credits per year. There is an additional fee per class. (See ISP Tuition) They are also welcome to participate in our ECS Sports Programs that are offered throughout the year. 

To provide a cumulative file for each ISP student. Each ISP student is provided with academic records (report cards, transcripts) as an enrolled student of Emmanuel Christian School.

ISP student’s grades are uploaded to their online portfolios. Transcripts are provided for ISP high school students. 

To provide standardized testing in order to monitor each student's academic progress.

K-2 will use the STAR assessment, while 3rd - 12th will use the state standardized tests provided by the State of Ohio.  

To provide social interaction by offering field trips, school events, physical education, music classes, as well as other extra-curricular and educational opportunities.

To provide classroom experience.

  • All EC Flex Credit students may participate in music and physical education classes at no additional cost, as well as join their on-campus classmates for additional field trips, events and activities when available.
  • EC Flex Credit students enrolled in grades 6-12 may enroll in on-campus classes up to 2 academic credits per academic year. Additional fee per credit will be charged.

To provide encouragement and support to EC Flex Credit families.

To provide a smooth transition into the classroom setting should the parent decide to transfer their child to traditional enrollment at a later date.

For more information regarding Ohio Home School law or for resource information on choosing curriculum, visit www.cheohome.org