Welcome Volunteers!

You have taken a step towards making a significant impact on the future of Emmanuel Christian School, its staff, and its students. Volunteers provide enrichment opportunities that enhance the educational experience for students while supporting our teachers and staff. Volunteers also help us build a strong foundation for students as they select a career path or post-secondary education.

As you enhance and support the mission of ECS, it is important to help students be excited about the Lord and about life and to have a positive attitude as they grown and learn. By modeling for students the kinds of expectations they need to succeed, you will help them develop into productive citizens and proper disciples of Jesus Christ. We urge you to become a strong advocate by sharing your positive experiences with others and encouraging others to become involved with the school.

You can start the volunteer process by downloading the handbook, which will help you make a smooth transition into your volunteer job, giving you an overview of Emmanuel Christian School and the variety of opportunities that you may choose to pursue as a volunteer. Our hope is that you will find personal satisfaction in what you do.

There has never been more exciting time to be part of the education experience at ECS! 

Signing up to volunteer can be done with a click of a button. Fill out the form below with your interest areas and we will be in contact with you soon. 

Volunteer Interest Form

Volunteer Handbook

All volunteers at the school must have an up-to-date background check on file with the school. The cost is $10 and will be billed to your student FACTs account. Background checks get renewed every year. You will be contacted before the school renews and bills your student account. 

Background Check Form